Birth of a Book Blog

Okay, so after my one post on here, I’ve decided to turn this into a book review blog, with perhaps some current events responses thrown in the mix.  I want to keep a blog to keep myself in the habit of writing, but with my job, I’m constantly behind on the real world, and I’m not really one to just talk about my life.  Thus, the end result is yet another book blog in the large realm of online book blogs.

I will begin by stating that nobody has asked me to review any of the books that I will be reviewing.  Should I one day become such an amazing reviewer that I should have requests, they will be noted in the review.  I’m hoping that from this blog, I can enter the online reading community, make some friends, and share in discussions on various books.  I have attempted to join book clubs in the past, but with my wacky personal schedule, I can’t really rely on myself to be able to read on a schedule.  I may occasionally try to read a book on a club’s reading list, but it will not be a common thing.

I had joined Goodreads a while back, and in joining a few of their groups, I have been inspired to start this blog.  My taste in literature is very well-rounded.  I love the classics, but I also love to curl up with a romance novel as some light reading at night.  I read Young Adult and am getting more and more interested in Sci-Fi novels (thanks to my recent introduction to Orson Scott Card and Ender’s Game).  I love historical fiction, especially novels set in the era of Henry VIII.  British literature tops the list for me, but I am working on expanding my tastes.  I am welcome to any suggestions and will try any book, no matter what the genre.  I hope to have a review out this weekend or early next week during my days off on Fifty Shades of Grey.  Yes, I finally caved and began the trilogy.


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